How important is a concierge to a hotel? Just ask its guests

All levels of hotel service make an impression upon guests. But , a hotel's concierge is in a unique position to wow guests on a personal level. A hotel concierge is part mind reader and part tour expert, always on top of the latest places to dine, party, and shop. A great hotel concierge goes one step further, and fulfills the requests that make or break a stay.

AN OUTSOURCED CONCIERGE SERVICE WITH IN-HOUSE VALUES. The expense of maintaining an in-house concierge has led to the widespread practice of outsourcing. Many industry insiders complain that outsourced concierges steer guests toward subpar venues in order to make higher commissions. Hotels worry that outsourced concierges will be out of touch with their brand values and the preferences of their guests. And, this is why Concierge Hotline was founded. We are an outsourced concierge service that protects your brand by adhering to the highest standards and integrity.


Concierge Hotline is a tightly knit team of experience concierge professionals founded by Silvia Calvino. a consummate concierge expert , She has spent more than a decade in the hotel industry and has been a director of events for the SFCA. Our experience is meeting guest needs is matched by our commitment to providing extraordinary service. If a guest requests it, and it is legal and ethical can consider it done. We pride ourselves on a ways going the extra mi e for our concierge-clients and your guests. Instead of calling multiple vendors, make a single call to us and we'll take care of it. we assure you that you

We do more than provide assistance with last -minute reservations and special guest services. We train concierges to become more knowledgeable about area attractions, so they can promote the best venues to hotel guests. Training helps concierges work more effectively and profitably, benefiting the hotel and improving guest satisfaction while making the job easier. In fact, we go one step further and elicit positive guest feedback on sites like Trip Advisor so that your hotel will benefit from increased bookings.

We encourage you to reach out to us with your most difficult questions, After all, as experienced concierges, we have the perfect answer for anything you need.